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Spare a thought for Jim Allister and the TUV

Spare a thought for the leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice, Jim Allister. 

Having left the DUP following the St. Andrews agreement, which he maintained was a “u” turn by them after they promised not to go into government with terrorists, he is now scratching his head as he watches Peter Robinson and Martin McGuiness stand shoulder to shoulder condemning the terrorists.

The head-scratching becomes more furious as he reads that unionist supporters are praising Martin McGuiness.  Shock horror, one unionist supporter even said he was proud of Mr. McGuinness.  They have not only forgiven the godfather of yesterday’s terror, they have made him into a hero.  Can this really be part of God’s plan?

Not surprisingly, the TUV is doing its utmost to persuade potential supporters that there is no difference (in terms of evil wrong-doing) between what has just happened and what happened in the past.

“the murder of David Johnston by the IRA in June 1997 was just as wrong as these recent killings. This is a point which Martin McGuinness will not be making”

One political point which the TUV is trying to exploit is Sinn Fein’s opposition to the stepping up of security with the use of the Army.  Jim Allister says this

“Sadly, I fear, the political expediency of not offending IRA/Sinn Fein sensitivities will fetter such an essential response and, therefore, more brave policemen and soldiers will be sacrificed.”

That point is slightly inaccurate.  There probably will be more murders but that will have been nothing to do with Sinn Fein’s opposition to the use of troops.  Sinn Fein does not make any decisions on security.  So long as that remains the case, Sinn Fein’s anomalous view of security is unlikely to have any political impact.  

Whatever happened to the puritanical protestant community?  It is still there but it has now become much more adaptable.  Political views have been reconciled with moral consciousness.  There are now very few who have not come to terms with the trade off that was necessary to obtain peace.  

Most DUP supporters are quite content to draw the line under the distinction that today, Martin McGuinness and Sinn Fein are no longer part of an organisation which conducts terror.  As long as no evidence turns up to the contrary, Jim Allister and the TUV will not be able to gain any political capital out of the recent atrocities.

2 Responses

  1. Allister isn’t being disingenous. The number of murders will be determined by the level of security provided. If inadequate measures are taken to placate Sinn Fein then that will lead to deaths.

    Your post implies that you disagree with Allister and see a difference between the murder of David Johnston and Stephen Carroll. Could you explain what that is?

  2. Richard,

    I agree that there is a relationship between the number of murders and the level of security but the level of security has nothing to do with causing offence, or not, to Gerry Adams. It is entirely determined by the UK Government and the security services.
    In relation to the murder of the two police officers, there are no distictions between the two, in terms of level of evil. The GFA, with the STAA overlay has distinguished the two murders legally, in terms of amnesty, and politically on the basis that the apologists for the first murder are accepted in government by Unionists so long as they do not support present & future murders and support the Police. Those who now support the DUP have no other way of rationalising their support.
    If JA wants to campaign along that moral terrain, good luck to him. I dont support the TUV but I salute Allister for sticking to his principles.

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